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Dating Site Mogul Offers to Donate Domain to Help Combat Coronavirus

Founder of World’s Largest Sugar Dating Website, Brandon Wade, makes available a domain to help US government streamline COVID-19 testing.

Las Vegas, April 16, 2020 -- The CEO and Founder of dating sites, including: SeekingArrangement; FirstDate; WhatsYourPrice and Miss Travel, Brandon Wade, announces he will donate one of his domains to help fight the Coronavirus. Wade says he wants to provide the URL to help create a centralized and easy-to-remember website for people looking to get tested.

“Right now, access to information about how to get tested has been extremely hard to find,” Wade said. “Sending Americans to the Project Baseline with 35 characters in the URL is insane! Americans want to easily find out how and where to get tested; they need to use”

There are more than 600,000 confirmed cases in the US, and according to Johns Hopkins University of Medicine, out of the 328 million American citizens less than one percent of the US population has been tested for the virus. With hopes of ensuring the most prompt and safe reopening date for the nation, the demand for universal testing is at the top of the priority list. Wade’s hope is that, by donating the site’s URL to be used for Coronavirus testing for the next couple of years, the US government will take advantage of this opportunity to more efficiently serve the American people.

“It is my goal that, with, we can not only help put a stop to the spread but also save the lives of millions of people,” Wade said.

Wade is also reaching out to the Verily teams at Alphabet to provide the domain’s information to get the site up and running as soon as possible. Alphabet, a northern California-based tech firm, has already created a platform for Coronavirus screening, however, currently their site requires users to log in with a google account. The Baseline Covid-19 site is currently only serving California but according to a recent report released by CNBC, Verily CEO, Andrew Conrad says the company is “in final discussions with entities that will operate in other states.”

For more information or to speak with Brandon Wade, please reach out to David Sandler at [email protected].